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Sembrando un País is a Television Program and Website specialized in providing quality agronomic content and practical use to strengthen the knowledge of farmers in the field, agronomists, agro entrepreneurs, students and suppliers of the agricultural sector. We also take care of promoting and disseminating successful experiences of the Venezuelan agricultural sector with the intention of encouraging more people to get involved or invest in these areas.


Our origin is in Venezuela, in this wonderful country our activities begin in the month of October of the year 2012. We are a team committed to sustainable agricultural development, we try to cover the greatest amount and diversity of possible experiences to bring knowledge and information to our wide public.

Sembrando un País

For us the Field is First
For us the Field is First



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Sembrando un País 1st Season, Chapter 4: Corn. 

Sembrando un País 2nd Season, Chapter 10: AGROFANB. 

If you like or are professionally related to agriculture, if you want to obtain information on the different agricultural production areas, we offer you our Television Program, as well as Our Website: 


Programming On TV: In this page we offer information about the channels that transmit us and the dials where you can tune the program.


List of Chapters: Access this page if you want to know the content of all our chapters.


Articles about Venezuelan Agro: Here you can access the menu of illustrated articles and manuals that we publish on this website; which contain useful information that you can apply in your production unit, and accurate information to make contributions to those who conduct research on agriculture in Venezuela.

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Sembrando un País 2nd Season, Chapter 4: Black Beans. 

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Sembrando un País 1st Season, Chapter 13: Tangerine.

We invite you to Read Our Articles,

In all you find quality agronomic information:

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Directory of Agricultural Services: On this page we present a categorized directory of different agricultural services and products in different countries. To which you can add various companies and people.

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You can also see fragments of the different chapters of our Television Program.

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