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Producer and Director: Francisco Afonso Concepción.

Host: Joselyn Moreno

Screenplay: María Teresa Afonso y Leonardo Guilarte

Camera: Francisco Alejandro Afonso

Production Coordinator: María Teresa Afonso

Post-Production: Francisco Alejandro Afonso y Julián Velásquez

Fixed Photo: Yailín Pino y Jesús Alberto Afonso

Production Assistant: Silvia Mariana Vásquez

Original Music: Pablo y Víctor Escalona

3D Presentation Design: Alberto Pardo.

Producer and Director:  Francisco Afonso Concepción.

Host, Co-Producer and Post-Producition: Francisco Alejandro Afonso

Screenplay: Francisco Alejandro Afonso y María Teresa Afonso

Fixed Photo: Jesús Alberto Afonso

Voice Over: Joselyn Moreno

Field Producer:  María Teresa Afonso

Camera:  Francisco Alejandro Afonso, Silvia Mariana Vásquez y Jesús Alberto Afonso

Production Assistant and Makeup:  Silvia Mariana Vásquez

Original Music:  Pablo y Víctor Escalona

3D Presentation Design: Alberto Pardo

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Do you want to request a chapter of your Agro-Program "Sembrando un País"?

We invite you to communicate via Twitter with the television channels that transmit us and inform about the chapters you want to see through your signal; For this you will find below the links to the Twitter profiles of the channels:

To indicate the chapters you want to be transmitted simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the list of the season of your preference.

2. Select and copy, both the number and the title of the chapter.

3. In the Twitter profile of the channel, click on the "Tweet to" option.

4. Copy and paste the titles of the chapters indicating which season they belong to.