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Trout Culture in the Aragua State

Aragua is located in the center west of Venezuela and is a State that has a good industrial development without losing its agricultural and livestock vocation. It is a wonderful state and one of our favorites; It is always a great pleasure for the "Sembrando un País" Team to visit the productive areas of Aragua.


Corn harvest with agricultural machinery. Valleys of Aragua State.

Fran Afonso and Pedro Camejo, Aragua State

Sembrando un País 2nd Season Fran Afonso with Producer Leopoldo Camejo.

Corn Harvester Machine
artificial well for trout

Artificial wells for breeding trout. Trout Culture La Corina, Tovar Municipality, Aragua State.

well for breeding trout

Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State, during cold weather hours.

Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State, during warm weather hours.

Wells for raising trout
trout swimming in artificial well

Trout weighing between 100 g and 125 g in Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State.

Another aspect that is very beneficial for the trout in this type of climate is that the cold that loses the water during the day, recovers it from the end of the afternoon, which is very important since the trout is a fish cold water and clean. Likewise, the water that the trout requires to inhabit is living water, that is to say water that is in constant movement and with a good concentration of oxygen, without this condition it is not possible to breed trout.

inflow of water in artificial well

Detail of the inflow of water in the wells. Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State.

Here a large number of items of great importance for human consumption are produced, among them sugarcane, corn, coffee, chicken eggs, broiler chickens, banana, peach, beef, milk and various vegetables. Such varied production is possible within the same State since it has climates, altitudinal floors and different soils within the 7,014 km2 that make up its territory.


In this opportunity we are engaged in truchícola production, activity that can be achieved successfully in the mountainous areas of the Aragua State. "Sembrando un País" in its 2nd Season was moved to Portachuelo Sector, Tovar Municipality, Aragua State. Specifically to the La Emilia Farm, where Trout Culture La Corina is located, a production unit dedicated to the breeding and commercialization of trout.


There we were welcomed by Leopoldo Camejo, one of the owners of the farm and producer of trout, who gave us all his knowledge regarding the breeding of this precious fish. We started the interview talking a little about the La Emilia Farm and about the creation of the trout production unit, we also touched on all the topics related to the trout production process, among them the climatic conditions that these fish require, the feeding, the oxygenation of water, the harvest and the infrastructure with which every unit of trout production must count.

As the interview progresses, the chapter becomes much more interesting, since we managed to discover some of the secrets that the Portachuelo Sector keeps regarding the production of trout. The first thing that stands out is that in this place the trout can develop faster than in the Andean States of Venezuela, and this is due to the climate; the trout to develop successfully requires an average temperature between 17 ° C and 20 ° C, however can resist temperatures of up to -2 ° C, it should be mentioned that at low temperatures its development is much slower.


What does this climatic particularity have to do with the development of the trout? While the temperature stays between 17 ° C and 20 ° C the trout will find a warm temperature that will cause a greater energy expenditure and therefore will need to consume more food per day, which will produce a faster fattening of the fish, being able to get to get between 6 and 7 months an average weight of 250 g; ideal weight for consumption in restaurants. Also with this climatic particularity that this sector offers, you can get to obtain 1 Kg trout in only 11 months.

In the municipality of Tovar of the Aragua State, a climate predominates that is quite beneficial in this aspect for the trout; in the hours agreed between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. We have a warm climate with a good presence of solar rays. From these last hours of the afternoon the weather is getting cold and the temperature begins to decrease, the nights can be cold sum, this climate is maintained until the first hours of the morning and as the day progresses the temperature increases and It maintains an average of 17 ° C to 22 ° C until the late afternoon as we mentioned above.


Here it should be noted that just in the daytime, in which the trout are more active, warm temperatures cause greater energy expenditure and therefore greater consumption of food, which increases the amount of weight that the trout earns per day.

In this aspect there is a very peculiar quality that Trout Culture La Corina has and that the "Sembrando un País" Team did not overlook in the chapter that we made in this production unit. This is the system implemented by the Producer Leopoldo Camejo to collect the water that naturally flows from the mountain and make it flow through all the wells where the trout live. This water after making the tour of the wells is returned to the mountain without any contamination.


This calls our attention because to ensure the future of our planet, human beings are called to reduce or eliminate the impact that our activities cause to the environment. Mentioning that this production unit is located within the Pico Codazzi Natural Monument, which means that it is a protected area for the conservation of its natural resources, as well as the fauna and flora that live there. Therefore, the activities practiced in this area should not damage the environment in any way.


With respect to commercialization, a trout production unit has two fundamental ways of trading the meat of this fish. The first one is included in the agrotourism and is that visitors on their tour of the production unit have the possibility of capturing their own trout and then it is prepared for them to eat. The second consists of harvesting and packing the meat of this fish to market it in restaurants and local markets where it is offered, or in the case of larger production units, commercialize trout meat in supermarkets nationwide.

In the specific case of the Municipality of Tovar in the State of Aragua, the two ways of trading this area are very feasible, since the Capital of this Municipality, Colonia Tovar, is a town that attracts millions of tourists, Venezuelans and other nationalities, all years. In addition, the Pico Codazzi Natural Monument is a place that also has a good tourist movement, these are very good reasons for a trout production unit to open its doors to visitors to allow them to learn more about breeding trout and enjoy with family of the taste of a delicious dish prepared with the desired meat of this fish.


Also in Colonia Tovar there are several restaurants that offer dishes prepared with trout, which gives the producer of this item the possibility of trading on a larger scale the meat of this fish, having in turn a constant and safe market that allows it to continue playing this activity.


It is also important to add that in "Sembrando un País" we promote that in the different regions of our country activities that are not traditional are carried out, as in this case with the trout farming in Aragua State. Also highlighting that the conditions offered by the Portachuelo Sector of the Municipality of Tovar are ideal for producing a trout of excellent quality and in less time than in the Andean regions of Venezuela.


Therefore we invite more people located in this region of Aragua, as well as people who are in other regions of the world with a similar climate, to join the production of this fish, which in addition to promoting the agrotourism has very good properties for human nutrition.  

Sembrando un País team; Francisco Afonso (Creator, Producer and Director) and Fran Afonso (Host 2nd Season and Screenwriter) in Colonia Tovar, Aragua State.

Colonia Tovar, Tovar Municipality, Aragua State, Venezuela
capture of trout in artificial well

Trout harvest made by Producer Leopoldo Camejo.

grilled trout in Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State, Venezuela

Plate prepared with grilled trout in Trout Culture La Corina, Aragua State.